Shit, man!

I take a lot of shit. I always do. Most likely, I’ve also taken shit from you.

Don’t worry, it’s ok.

I know my ways are particular, and I’m true to the path I’ve chosen. I hate for the shit to spread and reach the little untainted places, hearts, left.

I’ve also been part of that shit. I’ve lied, hurt, and stained the very thing I live to protect.

I feel it’s like a way to redeem myself for the pain I’ve caused. Even though I know it won’t change a thing for those I mistreated. To prevent others fron hurting people the same way I did. To help others understand the kind of pain they’re being inflicted and help them cut the cycle.

I have to admit it’s a very difficult choice. The choice of not fighting back. The choice of actively identifying opportunities to make a difference on someone else’s life. It’s exhausting.

It’s infinitely rewarding too!

Most of the time I get to see those grateful eyes that tell me it’s worth it. Sometimes I get such a battery recharging hug, that puts me back together for another set of rounds. Other times I get radio silence and forever unread messages. Even then, I end up feeling it was for a greater good.

However, there’s a part of it I haven’t figured out… Will I ever fill up? What happens if I get to a point in which I feel that I can’t take it anymore?

I mean, I never ask for anything in return. Not for this, not for treating people well. Not for anything. But, hell, I wish for sometimes to be surprised! To receive those little sparks of the universe that makes you feel lucky and fortunate and cherish even more what you do, the joy of being alive! Those things create more room for taking more shit in, and continue my selfish crusade.

If I fill to capacity, will I explode or will I implode? Will it be a big bang, or a quiet swoosh? Will someone hold me or would I ought to rebuild myself from scratch?

Perhaps I really don’t want to know.

Hope we don’t ever figure out.

Have a great day!


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Back in the saddle

Is your environment, or is yourself who determine your lifestyle?

How much would your lifestyle change if you were placed halfway around the world and be told to be yourself?

These are the questions fiddling in my head in the past days.

I had forgotten how different I used to be. How much I love the things I used to do. How much I love me, when I’m being me.

It’s so easy to fall sleep in the train of routine and become an spectator of your own life.

I have to thank a remote city for waking me up from my comfort and reminding me what’s being alive! Having a heart that pumps salsa and lungs that breathe bachata is a gift I will not let die!

It’s good to be back!

The end of this chapter

I gave you my time
I gave you my whole life
I gave you my love, every dime
They told me it was… a crime
– Sonata Arctica – The End of This Chapter.

My dear Venezuela, what have we done to you?

How have we allowed for this evil to change you into this place where I don’t feel I belong anymore?

It’s sad to see how we, brothers and sisters, have hurt each other in the name of others that just care about what they can take from us, without giving other than breadcrumbs in return. We allowed this. We empowered this.

We are known for being one of the happiest people in the world, but that is just because we live in a constant denial. Denial that turns into laughter in order to cope with the pain of seeing injustice, hate, crime, lies, power abuse, performed in front of our eyes, by and against our own family. We are a family.

By making fun of politics, robbery, hospital crisis, murder, we have built a safe bubble of lies. We live in an idiotic version of the reality, in which we repeat ourselves that things are going to be fine, whilst we are handing our mobile with a gun against the back of your head.

Things ARE NOT going to be fine unless WE MAKE things fine.

There are tons of ways to fight, maybe you haven’t found out which is the one for you. Maybe you do know and you expect others to do it in your place. It’s OK, but please, don’t complain.

I have tried many different ways to fight throughout the years. I’m definitely not a front-liner, at least, not in the traditional way. I’m better as a support or strategical officer, or even as a resource provider. I’m also good at talking to people, and setting the spark that ignite hearts willing to take action. That is my way.

But now, let’s set things straight. I am NOT willing to sacrifice my youth to a place so twisted that I don’t even want for my future children to live at.

Even though I’m sure that the most beautiful places and people ARE in this land, this beautiful people has grown the seed of hate and greed to a level so toxic that is killing all the beauty around.


I mean, shit! This is an earthbound paradise! And we are sucking the life out of it and, in response, it will suck the life out of us too. It’s the nature’s way.

I’m sorry my beloved Venezuela. I don’t know you anymore.

You can rest assured that your name is carved in my heart with tricolour ink and seven white stars. My promise is to carry your name as high as my arms, legs and wings can reach. To do my best to clean your name and for the truth to be known outside your walls. An ambassador of your beauty. An storyteller of your greatness. A voice that can be heard when you are unable to speak.

But for now is my time to leave.

The countdown is set to 27 days. The schedule is tight, but I’ll make sure to carry with me the greatest amounts of memories my heart can carry, so I can fondly remember you. Your faces, your places.

Maybe you wonder why I didn’t chose Spanish for this words. I’ll tell you. Using my mother language to say goodbye to her is just as cruel as feeding bacon covered sausages to a baby pork.

Thank you, Venezuela.

You’ve made me the person I am today, and I’ll look forward to be able to shape you, somehow, someday.

[7 Stars Venezuelan Flag]


The only way to achieve things is to actually do them.

I know, I know if there is any phrase in the world that is more cliché than that, would be Nike’s “Just do it.” However, I think it’s worth taking a deeper look at those pills of synthesized wisdom.

I find 3 keywords: Just – do – it. Haha, no, I’m kidding (:
The actual words I want to point out are: Only, Achieve, Do.

If you are on the pursue of an objective, you have the need to Achieve. Whatever that objective is, get a promotion, finish a job, get the girl, even a cup of coffee can be thought as an achievement, specially in those lazy ass mornings when the gravity around bed is increased by 10 times!

The coffee is not gonna percolate itself. Even if it does, is not going to fly to your bed. Even if you got a servant to bring it to you, is not going to pour itself into your mouth. And whoa, if it does, and you think you’re healthy, you sir have a problem!

Coffee actually requires some effort, any effort, a little effort, and implies a reward. So every day when you pick up your fist cup, you’re already a winner! And you’re still in PJs, awesome!!

So, you Just did it! I bet it you’ve never thought about coffee this way, but it Only happened because you Did it!

Of course, there are things more complex than coffee, but the formula stays the same, maybe with aditional help of the successful people’ secret word: Focus. Only when you leave everything else aside, cut the crap, and put your full heart to it, you’re gonna have not just the results you wanted, but also, with very high probability, you’re gonna exceed them beyond your expectations!

That’s it! Nike has been telling us for years that if we want anything, we are no further than a step away to getting it, action! And now you know that if you take action and your actions are focused, you’re gonna wake up and smell, not the coffee…  But the greatest cup of coffee, ever!


I'm giving you the coffee cherries in your hands


Every day when we wake up we are given a certain amount of energy to get us through the day.

The math is simple. You sleep well, have a nice diet, workout every other day, and there, your body will reward you with the power to do anything you can dream of!

But what if we get too much of it..? Is it even possible??

Hell yeah, it is!!

There are days in which our body and mind just decide to give us an unending stream of power! A true unlimited surplus of life energy to shape your very existence as anything you can imagine!

Power to dream!
Power to create!!
Power to love!!!

Dammit! It’s just non stop! The way your thoughts soar at incredible speed! The communion between the self and everything around it!

Yet with great power comes great responsibility… I’m sure I heard that somewhere…

As we are entrusted with the energy to make anything, we are also obliged to do something! As doing nothing is the ultimate insult to such gift! There is no dam that can hold the infinite… Never will be!

If the energy builds up over the boiling point, anxiety will take over and lead us to depression in an inaudible snap!

As the power surges our body, we think faster, we act faster, we embrace new projects with fantastic strength, we take the fullest of everything in hand! Now imagine all that turned against yourself…

So don’t risk yourself… If you have it, use it! There’s no victory in keeping it for the self, just vanity. If you’re entrusted with a gift like this, is because what you can give back is no less than a thousand suns better.

Zero days without accidents

When the tremor strikes, the building is shook. No matter how tall or strong, the building is never the same.

People are the same as buildings. We aim to be tall and recognised. We thrive in inspiring places and provide inspiration back to those around us. We also have foundations that support our entire weight and keep us stable despite the climate.

While architects and engineers do their best to craft us as strong as possible, there are natural forces that laugh at our childish attempts to overpower them.

Maybe a quick nibble was enough to trigger a repair, and there, the magnanimous earthquake unleashes its brutal fury, delivering the exact, precise, perfectly timed blow that took the entire craftsmanship down.

A worker could fall off. Lives could be lost. Irreparable damage, even if the foundation is still standing.

When it happens, is time to start again. Check the damage, start the repairs… In no time, things will be back on track. Not the same, not the like, but on track!

A new building, renewed with the experience of the latest devastation. With renewed flexibility to adapt and resist. A newly shaped beauty to offer.

A better building.
A better you.
A better me.